Monday, April 9, 2018

Woman: Who Is She And What Happens When She Is Exploited?

"Leader of Three" by Mahlet
"Leader of Three" by Mahlet

Woman. The word itself holds a bit of mystery. "Wo-man". It kind of gives you a vision of a runaway stallion carrying a frantic rider that's screaming, "Whoa! Whoa! Man!"

What is it about this wonderful and mesmerizing specimen that defies all imagination? Who is this creature who is able to carry another life within her physical essence and populate the earth with shopkeepers, farmers, seamstresses, ballerinas, painters, nurses, pharmacists, florists, violinists, pianists, schoolteachers, librarians, electricians, politicians and all manner of other human populace?

Every fearfully and wonderfully created individual on the planet came here through the mysterious womb of the fearfully and wonderfully made woman. She's humanity's first teacher, first nurse, first caretaker and first encounter. She's mother of all, both living and dead. And among those who manufacture synthetic humans, she yet reigns supreme.

Is it that she embodies this place of awe and mystery among creation, that makes her a target for exploitation and ruthless oppression?

Do the wickedly curious simply want to discover what makes her tick? Is her plight merely evidence of man choosing his evil tendencies over the naturally good?

Who in their right mind excuses and justifies the vilification and total degradation of their mother, their daughter or their sister?

Trying to rationalize the cruel treatment of women by referencing biblical accounts of Eve or Delilah is boring and used-up rhetoric. If life were a gender-specific competition to determine which gender is the wickedest [which it's not], men would outnumber women five to one. Just look at the world's condition under man's leadership.

Women are nurturing. Women are compassionate, trusting and loving by nature. She embodies a double portion of emotion as part of her intuition network. As such, she's able to feel what others feel, allowing her to discern between people and emotional moments. She is everything and equipped with everything necessary to raise and guide children. Not just her own, but children of the village.

On the other hand, to endure, she can be as hard and as unforgiving as the iron that oppresses her. In war, it is better to have her as an ally than a foe. She understands her limitations of physical strength and sharpens her courage, intellect and focus as weapons of survival. She is fierce in war. You would do well with her as an ally. She will quietly defeat you as a foe.

When you encounter a hardened woman, you sarcastically label her as 'angry', as though anger somehow diminishes her. You delude yourself. It is her anger that empowers her. And her outrage that fortifies her. If you misinterpret her emotion, you don't know her at all, though you've spent years sleeping beside her.

It is her virtue that provides comfort to her household. Her intuition and foresight are your safety. Her prayers sustain you. And you have the nerve to exploit her. To reveal her secrets, her once-hidden treasure to the masses for the world to disregard as 'used and abused'.

Wicked Nations Exploit and Oppress Their Women.

You send her husband to die in wars you instigate. In her widowhood, you trample her morals, jail her sons and defile the sanctity of her chastity. You boast yourself in pimping her nakedness for profit and selling her babies into sexual bondage.

Your coffers are rich and bulging from the misuse of your mother, your daughter, your sister and the blood of the innocents. Like ravening wolves, your greed is never satisfied.

You lurk in the shadows and plan the annihilation of the upright, the trusting and the unsuspecting. Temporary is your meddling. Your fall and your destruction will be amplified beyond comprehension and your victims will witness it.

In your moment of chastisement, you will beg for death --and death will stand afar off and laugh at your calamity.

Aren't you the ones who sacrificed babies, drank their blood and held rituals so you could escape death? How is it that you now beg for the dark finality of its grip?

You created your fearful and dreadful reality. And the woman, the fascinating creature given to you for your ease of mind, your helper, and your ally has now become your foe. She wouldn't help you out of your tormenting destiny if she could. It is she who prayed and cried out to the Most High for this day.



  1. Do you have any books or ebooks available? I really like what I'm seeing here. Of course, I haven't read every article yet. That will take a while. :) Also, do you accept guest posts? If so, what is your policy? I would love to affiliate as a contributor.


    1. Yes, the delivery system is being implemented as we speak. When the system is complete, you'll notice an "ebook" tab next to the "podcasts" tab. So check back often.

      As for your question on guest posts, I'd love to post other work. My legal team is drafting information for the "terms & conditions" of that possibility.

      I'll weigh the pros and cons to determine if it's worth the trouble.

      Thanks for the inquiry. And I'm happy you like what you see here.

      With regards
      Rahab Jordan

  2. I don't know about anywhere else, but in this country women are exploited and degraded both on TV and in music. Especially rap music.

    1. I think we're all complicit. We buy and listen to the violent and filthy music. And we go see movies that portray us as uncivilized animals that have no shame.


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