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The Trial and Condemnation of Pilate, Ordered By Augustus Caesar

"Pontius Pilate: Deciphering a Memory" - Aldo Shiavone
"Pontius Pilate: Deciphering a Memory" - Aldo Schiavone

Now when the letters came to the city of the Romans and were read to Caesar with now few standing there, they were all terrified, because through the transgression of Pilate, the darkness, and the earthquake had happened to all the world. And Caesar, being filled with anger, sent soldiers and commanded that Pilate should be brought as a prisoner.

And when he was brought to the city of the Romans, and Caesar heard that he had come, he sat in the temple of the gods, above all the Senate, and with all the army, and with all the multitude of his power, and commanded that Pilate should stand in the entrance. And Caesar said to him:
"Most impious one, when thou sawest so great signs done by that man, why didst thou dare to do thus? By daring to do an evil deed thou has ruined all the world."
And Pilate said:
"King and Autocrat, I am not guilty of these things, but it is the multitude of the Jews who are precipitate and guilty."
And Caesar said:
"And who are they?"
Pilate saith:
"Herod, Archelaus, Philip, Annas and Caiaphas, and all the multitude of the Jews."
Caesar saith:
"For what cause didst thou execute their purpose?"
And Pilate said:
"Their nation is seditious and insubordinate, and not submissive to thy power." 
And Caesar said:
"When they delivered him to thee thou oughtest to have made him secure and sent him to me, and not consented to them to crucify such a man, who was just and wrought such great and good miracles, as thou saidst in thy report. For by such miracles Jesus was manifested to be the Christ, the King of the Jews."
And when Caesar had said this and himself name the name of Christ, all the multitude of the gods fell down together and became like dust where Caesar sat with the Senate. And all the people that stood near Caesar were filled with trembling because of the utterance of the word and the fall of their gods, and being seized with fear they all went away, every man to his house, wondering at what had happened. And Caesar commanded Pilate to be safely kept, that he might know the truth about Jesus.

And on the morrow when Caesar sat in the capitol with all the Senate, he undertook to question Pilate again. And Caesar said:
"Say the truth, most impious one, for through thy impious deed which thou didst commit against Jesus, even here the doing of thy evil works were manifested, in that the gods were brought to ruin. Say then, who is he that was crucified, for his name hath destroyed all the gods?"
Pilate said:
"And verily his records are true; for even I myself was convinced by his works that he was greater than all the gods whom we venerate." 
And Caesar said:
"For what cause then didst thou perpetrate against him such daring and doing, not being ignorant of him, or assuredly designing some mischief to my government?"
And Pilate said:
"I did it because of the transgression and sedition of the lawless and ungodly Jews."
And Caesar was filled with anger, and held a council with all his senate and officers, and ordered a decree to be written against the Jews thus:
To Licianus who holdeth the first place in the East Country, Greeting:
I have been informed of the audacity perpetrated very recently by the Jews inhabiting Jerusalem and the cities round about, and their lawless doing, how they compelled pilate to crucify a certain god called Jesus, though which a great transgression of theirs the world was darkened and drawn into ruin.
Determine therefore, with a body of soldiers, to go to them there at once and proclaim their subjection to bondage by this decree. By obeying and proceeding against them, and scattering them abroad in all nations, enslave them, and by driving their nation from all Judea as soon as possible show, wherever this hath not yet appeared, that they are full of evil.
And when this decree came into the East Country, Licianus obeyed, through fear of the decree, and laid waste all the nation of the Jews, and caused those that were left in Judea to go into slavery with them that were scattered among the Gentiles, that it might be known by Caesar that these things had been done by Licianus against the Jews in the East Country and to please him.

And again Caesar resolved to have Pilate questioned, and commanded a captain, Albius by name, to cut off Pilate's head, saying:
"As he laid hands upon the just man, that is called Christ, he also shall fall in like manner, and find no deliverance."
And when Pilate came to the place he prayed in silence, saying:
 "O Lord, destroy not me with the wicked Hebrews, for I should not have laid hands upon thee, but for the nation of lawless Jews, because they provoked sedition against me but thou knowest that I did it in ignorance. Destroy me not, therefore, for this my sin, nor be mindful of the evil that is in me, O Lord, and in thy servant Procla who standeth with me in this the hour of my death, whom thou taughtest to prophecy that thou must be nailed to the cross. Do not punish her too in my sin, but forgive us, and number us in the portion of thy just ones."
And behold, when Pilate had finished his prayer, there came a voice from heaven, saying:
"All generations and the families of the Gentiles shall call thee blessed, because under thee were fulfilled all these things that were spoken by the prophets concerning me; and thou thyself must appear as my witness at my second coming, when I shall judge the twelve tribes of Israel, and them that have not confessed my name."
And the Prefect cut off the head of Pilate, and behold an angel of the Lord received it. And when his wife Procla saw the angel coming and receiving his head, she also, being filled with joy, forthwith gave up the ghost, and was buried with her husband.

The above account is from the collection of Lost Books of the Bible. Reading of the events that transpired after the resurrection, according to this text, we can surmise that justice is universal and it is sure.

Not to gloat in another's downfall (even when they deserve it), Pilate received the same punishment of death that he pronounced upon Yahusha (Jesus). Natural to human survival, he implicated the "lawless Jews" as the real culprits of the crucifixion. He named the chief priests and Pharisees by name when asked of Caesar "who are they".

Another point worth noting is Caesar's obvious attempt to redeem himself from guilt by association when he ordered Pilate's death. As if he was trying to prove to the Most High that his hands were clean in the matter. --especially after his idol gods fell to the floor and were smashed to pieces at the mention of Yahusha's name.

An important segment to remember is Pilate's final prayer. He confessed his wrongdoing by participating in the unlawful crucifixion and partitioned Elohim for mercy for him and his wife. The Most High heard the supplication of his heart and spoke assurances to him. As evidence, an angel came and collected his head when it was cut off.

Read the above account again. --this time read it prayerfully, asking for understanding and insight.

It's not clear why some of the most intriguing, informative and liberating books were kept out of the original biblical manuscript. Reading them fills in the gaps and clears up many contradictions. It also doesn't make sense to change or remove the rightful names of God and His only begotten Son.

The only logical explanation is that same: Satan came to the earth angry at YAH. And he is set on making the people on earth as sinful and degraded as possible. So much so that people are condemning themselves by believing they're too sinful and messed up for the Heavenly Father to even care.

So what did Satan do? He used corrupt men to corrupt the annals of divine truth by hiding and removing portions of it during translation. But...

"There is nothing hidden that won't be revealed."

Seek and ye shall find.


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