Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Earth and Everything In It Belongs to Yahuwah

Graphic by Rahab Jordan
Graphic by Rahab Jordan
We step outside each morning that we're blessed to rise, and we pay no attention to the individualism of a blade of grass, the red bird perched on the park bench, the puppy romping across the lawn, the beetle fixed on a green leaf, the colorful butterfly flittering by or the ant busily moving about.

It doesn't occur to us that the puddle of water at the end of the driveway is evidence that millions of raindrops fell overnight, cleansing and refreshing the earth and its foliage.

What a pity that we are given a marvelous garden in which to dwell, to care for, and to appreciate -- yet we treat it like an unattractive and strange habitation.

As we drive along, we can see candy wrappers and potato chip bags wedged within the landscape. Empty beer and soda cans speckle the scenery. And old discarded mattresses are dumped alongside the roadways as though this is the dropoff point for such trash.

Is this how we thank our landlord? Perhaps if He charged us rent we would take better care of our earthly haven.

Just remember...

The earth is Yahuwah's and everything in it. What would be your answer if He questioned you about how you treat or mistreat it?


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