Friday, April 13, 2018

Black Woman, Real Housewives Of Atlanta IS NOT Your Reality!

"Dream Catcher" by Frank Morrison
"Dream Catcher" by Frank Morrison

O how soon she is turned away from her true self!

The woman. The so-called black woman. She's barely recognizable. Where did she go? Where can we find her? She's needed. The world cries out for her.

Her full lips and broad nose. Voluptuous breasts and completely finished hips. Thick thighs and dreamy brown eyes. Curvy, classy, and all woman. She's everything. Yet, she's nothing.

What happened?

Reality TV happened. That's what happened. She was already on the verge of fading. Her feet were caught in the welfare and food stamp traps long before reality TV. And she was already acting a fool claiming 'I don't need no man, I can do bad all by myself'. Well, congratulations, sustah.

How is that working for you?

You have three kids by three different men, each of whom is in jail for failure to pay the child support you use to get your nails done. This didn't start until you woke up one day and realized you could use your kids' child support as 'mama's support'. Your kids are your means of staying current. Being relevant. They go raggedy and hungry. You get to play the role of your favorite TV idol.

Now idolatry is another feather in your fake cap that sits on your fake blond hair on top of your empty head.

First, you liked phony Phaedra. Then loud-mouthed NeNe. You became both phony and loud-mouthed. If you had the money, you would be in surgery butchering your already beautiful body-- trying to get watermelon breasts and a balloon ass.

Then you morphed into the demonic image of Evelyn Lozada, wanting to slang talk your way into gangster-ism and top it off by jumping over chairs and tables to start a fight. This ain't cute, boo boo. And neither are you.

You have lost your entire mind! And you get on everybody's nerves.  --even your own.

What in the world causes you to hate your natural completeness?

Can't you see these transvestite creatures on TV like Kim Kardashian and Nikki Minaj are getting artificial parts because they weren't born with them? They're getting surgeries to reshape their noses and silicone stuffed into their buttocks so they can fit into a Babylonian system that demands their total rejection of the MOST HIGH. What better way to reject your Creator than to totally remake what He has already made? ---saying to Him, "You didn't do it right."

Wake your ass up! You've been asleep long enough. Darkness surrounds and envelops you. Every step you take bumps into something. Every move you make proves to be a mistake, an error and something to regret.
Get your ass up! You've been down long enough. Slithering to and fro at the bottom of life's barrel. You're a reptile inhabited by reptiles. You need the Savior. Call on the name of YAHUSHA! Call Him loudly. Call Him sincerely. Call Him for dear life. Call Him to come rescue you from the pit of darkness. Let Him set your life straight again.
Because the Real Housewives of Atlanta IS NOT your reality. 

Where are you my blackberry sibling? Come back. Your little girls need you. Our little girls need you. You're no good to anyone in your current state.

Your man can't stand to look at you. He can't distinguish you from the strange ones. You complain that he goes after so-called white women. Yet you spend your time faking it out. Fake hair, fake nails, fake personality, fake lifestyle and fake dreams. 

The irony is you imitate life on reality TV. But you and your miserable life are anything but real.



  1. Wow. To be a woman, you sure are hard on women. What's the deal.

    1. Truth is hard to swallow. We have to wash it down with humility and understanding. We can't fix our predicament if we don't know what's broken.

      I'm not being hard on women. I'm speaking from a point of experience and observation. It's not easy to publically talk about the things that make us look cheap and unattractive, ignorant and blind.

      But I believe if we can snap our fingers and dance to music that calls us bitches and whores and relish in videos that tell the world that's who we are--- then we can sit down and hear the truth about it all.

  2. yeah but's all true

    1. All black women don't have fake hair, boobs and butts

    2. did you read the article? I think it's a if the shoe fit kinda thang


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