Sunday, March 11, 2018

Truth Sounds Stranger Than Fiction, But Is Constant Nonetheless

"100 Years Ago" by Peter Doig
"100 Years Ago" by Peter Doig

Truth is so absolute that it sounds sketchy. Maybe it rubs you on a sore spot. -like maybe 'somebody told your business'. Or maybe you're just not in the mood for serious dialogue. Whatever the flavor of your position is about what's being said or read, the common identifying ingredient is 'truth'. You can't explain it, nor can you discredit it. All on its own, the truth sounds stranger than science fiction, but it's constant nonetheless.

Like it or not, the truth is: the super-rich of society has prepared underground 'luxury' bunkers for their 'comfortable' escape from the ever approaching civil unrest that's steadily brewing in a world that's predestined for destruction. As you've guessed, they plan to 'live through' the tribulation in style. Don't waste your emotions being outraged.

They don't know it but they WILL NOT be living it up during the most Divinely orchestrated period known to man.

The truth is dozens of Sam's Club establishments closed their doors with little or no warning to employees -many of whom reported to work only to find a notice of closure taped to the door. Thousands of jobs gone in the twinkling of an eye. Sending hundreds of families into frantic disillusionment.

None of the families had a backup plan like a few million dollars tucked away for times such as these. --not that money will be of any use where this system is headed. Nevertheless, not one of these families imagined that their employer would toss them aside like a used napkin. -without even a proper 'thank you for your service'.

And we wonder how someone could snap and randomly shoot up their workplace.

The truth is mass shootings targeting schools, churches, and social gatherings -not to mention the outright public murders perpetrated against so-called minorities by police and vigilante citizens. Anger bubbles beneath the surface of the normal 'good morning' from a next-door neighbor. It only takes one small trigger like loud music blaring from the car beside you at the gas pump or a hungry baby loudly crying for food. And in a second someone's shot dead.

This country is currently seething toward a boil-over moment of civil unrest that's sure to leave evidence like that of Sodom and Gomorrah.

You have to ask yourself, "Is this an orchestrated moment in time? Or have we simply degenerated to the existence of uncivilized beasts?" If you ask some of us, we would tell you that we're strangers in a strange land --unjust violence and death have followed us like a shadow.

These realities I just mentioned cultivate an environment of civil unrest that simmers quietly beneath an illusion of normalcy.

I can't speak for other cultures, but the so-called black populace won't even rise up to keep their neighborhoods clean and wholesome. So a focused unified uprising is definitely out of the question. No shade just truth. smh

Photo of Florida bridge collapse taken by DroneBase
Each day it seems we're experiencing a new tragedy on top of the one that brought grief and outrage the day before.

Who's next? What will be the next plague to rock this nation? Where will it take place? Will more people die? Will there be another senseless shooting? Or an act of unmanageable weather? Some experts becry the alarm of crumbling infrastructure and the danger it poses to daily commutes.

It's a nail-biter and a nerve-wrecker. The whole nation is set on edge like how sensitive teeth react to something too cold or too hot.

Is there an escape?

I'm not talking about escaping to an underground luxury bunker that working class and homeless folk can't afford. That's a foolish and wasteful idea that the wicked put their confidence in, -who, by the way, are too blinded to see that they can't hide from the Most High's purpose.


You need a sure escape, an ultimate rescue plan that is fail-proof. Not some 'iffy' bunker or so-called armored, bullet-proof vehicle that can travel thousands of miles on one tank of gas. -that the earth can open and swallow up at one Divine command.

A high-priced protection plan sounds good. But 'it just ain't good enough'. What good is an escape route to those with innocent blood on their hands?

In times like these, man-made devices are useless. You need the AdonaiYAH, the Creator --He who controls the elements with the command of His voice. Someone whom the Red Sea obeys and whom the great army of Heaven stands ready to strike for.

In times like these, you need to REPENT of your adverse ways. (Don't act like you're 'all that' when you know you've broken the rules. We all have. --some more ruthless than others, get it)

REPENT. Turn from your usual rebelliousness and seek the Most High for mercy. Be willing to love Him with ALL your heart, ALL your soul and with ALL your might.

In case you missed it, this kind of relationship builds over time --and you're almost out of it. Without a truthful and loyal connection to YAHUA and His Son, YAHUSHUA, there is no way of escape from this Divinely orchestrated destruction.

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