Friday, March 23, 2018

Remember What YAH Has Done and Give Thanks

We rise every morning and proceed with an attitude of entitlement. Our day begins in our world of self-serving activities.

There's no remembrance of the One Who kept hurt, harm, and danger away while we slept. We don't pause to whisper a quiet 'thank you' to the Creator of the days, hours, and moments that we take for granted.

The fact that your children are sleeping safely in the next room is all your doing --at least in your own limited thinking.

Your reasonably good health, cushy job title, and exorbitant bank account are all 'thanks to you'. And the exclusive neighborhood where you live owes you recognition for being a resident there.

It somehow slips your memory that you lost everything just ten short years ago when a hurricane struck your coastal town. Your insurance company filed bankruptcy before you could be restored. No one could or would offer you a temporary room until you got back on your feet. The homeless shelter where you had to live was overcrowded, underfunded, and had minimal food supplies.

You seem to have forgotten the night you contemplated suicide and went upon the rooftop to cry out to Yahuwah for help one last time. And almost instantly a man from downstairs joined you on the rooftop, whom you learned owned an advertising company in a neighboring city.

After telling him about your illustration and advertising credentials, he hired you on the spot and offered you housing in one of his company-owned bungalows. You declared it a miracle and vowed to always remember that YAH had heard and answered your cry to Him.

But look at you now.

Suddenly YOU are your own savior. YOU initiated the change in your life from homelessness to security in one night. YOU are responsible for crossing paths with your current wife, whom you met at the advertising company --that you wouldn't have been a part of were it not for your cry out to Elohim.

This is a reminder to remember. Remember and give thanks.

As sure as you're living, there will be another catastrophe. Whether you are spared the tragedy or if you'll be on the receiving end again depends on YOU. And there might not be any saving grace available to you this time. All because you refuse to remember and give thanks.

Satan won't stop. He'll touch your situation again. YAH is your Protection and your Deliverer.

Now, do you remember?


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