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Satan Sends A Person To You When He Wants To Destroy You

Good vs Evil by Isabel Castano
"Good vs Evil" by Isabel Castano

Myths and Deceit

A common belief in many cultures is the 'devil myth'. Satan is supposedly this red, horned creature with a long tail and who carries a pitchfork--waiting to pounce and pierce them with its prongs. This is what most people envision when thinking of the devil trying to destroy them.

We won't debate what Satan looks like since no description is given beyond Isaiah 14:12-17, which describes Lucifer's fall from righteous prominence. What this article discusses is Satan's strategy to send a person into your life, usually under false pretenses, when he wants to destroy you.

The red, horned and pitchfork theory works well in movies that are designed to make subliminal suggestions to your mind, to prevent you from understanding the reality of what to expect and how Satan operates.

It would be difficult for a creature that looks like this to get close enough to you to do any damage since you already have a picture of him in your mind. No. Satan isn't that simple-minded. He knows that he has to approach you from a 'normal' perspective that raises no suspicions.

A Play on Ego

If you want to disarm a fairly intelligent and informed individual, stroke his or her ego. Flatter them. In other words, lie to them. Embellish the truth.

If her dress looks okay but she looks a mess in it, tell her it's beautiful and that it brings out her beautiful skin tone. Though her figure resembles a bar of soap, smooth talk her into believing she has a figure that rivals Marilyn Monroe. With this deceitful exchange, you've disarmed the person and can now get close enough to them to set a plan of attack in motion.

Attacks From Within Are The Ones That Destroy

There's very little to see from the outside. You can only speculate as to what's inside. Outside, you're separated by walls, locks, and barricades. Someone on the inside has to let you in. They must trust you to let you in.

One rule of survival during times of war is: Trust no one. Investigate everyone. However, when your guard is down and you're too relaxed because of the illusion of 'peace', your nemesis is able to slip through undetected. And before you know it, complete chaos erupts in your life.
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  --I Peter 5:8

Watch, Therefore and Pray

The terms 'friend' and 'friendship' are not respected or honored on their merits. Even during the time of the Messiah, Judas proved this fact. He had spent countless hours with the Son of Righteousness listening to His teachings, eating, laughing, conversating and praying with Him. Yet, for a price, he betrayed and turned Him over to false accusers whom he knew wanted to crucify Him.

Keep in mind that the people in your circle have access to private elements of your life. They know your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, your deepest secrets that you know YAH has forgiven, but you don't necessarily want them publicized.

I'm reminded of a story where a young single mother had just received a doctorate in physics was utterly destroyed by a so-called friend she met at the university.

The young woman in question had overcome a tumultuous upbringing; she had been cured of a debilitating sickness and was now -after earning her doctorate- positioned to share her story of  'overcoming' with the world. Millions would be inspired and strengthened by her testimony. Satan had to stop another glorifying moment of praise for the Most High.

The so-called friend of the young woman had stolen some nude photos of her that were taken during her freshman year in college when the financial struggle was intense. She had forgotten she had the photos until she saw a press release detailing the young woman's life achievements and her being the speaker at a local university's graduation exercise.

One can say the so-called friend was overcome with envy. She might have been. You can also assume that the fake friend was diabolical in her tactics. Perhaps she was born to carry out such attacks on others. What I know for sure is that the fake friend took the photos and a false story to a prominent newspaper who published it.

Though the young woman gave a rebuttal interview in which she admitted to being confused and frightened enough to become a stripper and nude model to earn extra money to pay for her college tuition --the damage was done.

The space aeronautics program withdrew its job offer. Her speaking engagement was canceled. She was shunned by neighbors, so-called friends, and even some family members.

However, YAH is a Restorer. He is the King of Justice and Righteousness. No situation is so complex that He can't turn it around. And turn it around is exactly what He did for this young woman.

After the incident, the young woman cried out to YAH in bitter repentance and regret of her past actions. Feeling alone and rejected, she and her daughter moved to Jamaica and had been there three years when she was recognized by a professor who remembered her face from an article archived in the local library.

The professor and his wife approached the young woman, invited her to lunch and after a long in-depth discussion offered her the position as head of their physics department at a university in Hawaii. After several other meetings and social connections, they finalized the details and the rest is glorious history.

YAH turned an evil act into a road to triumph. He had obviously heard the cry of the young woman and saved her from total downfall. He raised her up from the pit of despair and humiliation and set her in a place higher than her initial job offer would have afforded.

The takeaway here is you can't control what other people do. But you can certainly cry out to the Most High for help. And He controls everything.

Be sober. Be vigilant. Satan is forever seeking a means to destroy you. You can save yourself a lot of heartache, regret, and tears by walking closely in obedience to YAH's instruction.


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