Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Reading the Bible: Much Of It Was Either Omitted or Changed

"Prophets Elijah and Elias" by Stefano Di Giovanni
"Prophets Elijah and Elias" by Stefano Di Giovanni

We can all agree that we've come across obvious contradictions when reading the bible. And in other instances, what we read provokes more questions than answers. So I thought it fitting to address this anomaly under the title: Reading the Bible: Much Of It Was Either Omitted or Changed.

Imagine my shock when researching scripture I found some ancient history that contained some 'untampered-with' finds that finally answered important questions I had regarding biblical text. It also clarified what the term 'seek and ye shall find' means.

The Most High is the essence of Truth. Truth is the foundation of the worlds. No matter how Satan sought to hide the truth, it (truth) could never be abolished. --only hidden. And if something is 'hidden', it can only be found by 'looking for it'.

For instance, when reading the bible, I would always wonder where I fit in. All picture illustrations were of Europeans. And biblical movies portrayed key figures the same way.

Based on what's been perpetrated as biblical truth, the lineage from Adam to Jesus was 'white'. Giving the subtle impression that so-called black people were either insignificant, cursed, or slaves.

While this topic can raise controversy, malice or racist interjections is neither necessary nor will it be tolerated. When I started this blog, it was to tell the truth for the sake of shedding light on the darkness of lies. If you cannot abide that sentiment, this is not the place for you.
Make no mistake. There will be no malicious back-and-forth on the matter.  Read or re-read the commenting rules. 

During research, I came across another fascinating piece of videography that's steeped in buried historical truths.

Without further deliberation, take a look at this ten-minute video:

I trust that this short clip will urge you to begin doing your own research as it relates to biblical knowledge and where you fit in --in various storylines.

Perhaps you have or had this hang-up:
For years I deprived myself of valuable knowledge and insight because I was taught that reading books other than the bible for study and research was forbidden. "The bible is the only book you need," was always the answer to every question.
I finally rejected that notion, as I was tired of being ignorant and unfulfilled in my understanding. Once I broke free from the cobwebs of tradition and began to read and study other ancient texts, my soul was refreshed. I was on a new journey of learning and growing. TRUTH! -nothing like it.
Knowledge is in the universe. There's too much of it to be contained in one book. A book, I might add, that was deprived of its purity by those with an evil agenda.

I can say with certainty that 'if you seek the truth and don't give up, you will definitely find it'. Perhaps that's how you landed on this site.



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