Friday, March 16, 2018

How To Guarantee Peace & Prosperity For Your Life On Earth

"Psalm Chapter 15" by Rahab Jordan
"Psalm Chapter 15" by Rahab Jordan

In the face of all that is happening throughout the world, many question whether there is a GOD. Or if He cares that so many awful things are plaguing humanity. Some even complain and blame the Most High for the world's trouble. We all know how that went with Moses' crew after YAH brought them safely out of Egypt. (If you don't, read the latter part of Genesis and the first few chapters of Exodus)

I usually insert scripture references by chapter and verse in my posts, but I'm rethinking that method. It's not that I won't post any more scriptures. I simply won't post them all. Doing all the legwork for you makes you lazy. And you'll come to expect for someone else to do everything while you reap the benefits.

"Study to show YOURSELF approved, a workman who need not be ashamed."

What does it mean to 'walk blamelessly'? To walk blamelessly means to do what is righteous (or right).

Each of us knows the right thing to do. And when it isn't clear, we usually avoid it until we know for sure. On the other side of that, it means we make a conscious decision to do wrong. --even when we're unsure, there's a 'still small voice' on the inside that warns us before we commit the act.

Lying and slander are pointed out as being forbidden. A liar is a false witness and a slanderer. One who purposefully spreads poisonous reports on another as to destroy their reputation and cause division. These two devices were used by those who called for Yahushua's crucifixion. It's no small wonder that YAH hates these tendencies.

Welp. Looks like we have some repenting to do. Emulating the violence and hood-rat-ness portrayed on reality TV, black folks lie and slander each other like it's a contest to see who can be the dirtiest. Black women are the main ones participating in this foolishness. It's pathetic. As if she doesn't have enough problems.

She has absolutely NO moral compass, saying and doing all sorts of degrading things for the world to see. She creates and verifies her own stereotype. But has the nerve to be offended when other folks treat her like an overly sensitive, angry bitch.

If you act like it, you get treated like it.

Instead of despising vileness, she runs to it, embraces it, makes it popular through music, song, and dance. Vulgarity is the 'in' thing. She celebrates the vile and dishonors those who love and fear YAH.

Money is her GOD. That's what she trusts. Greed hollows her out like a rusted pipe. She accepts bribes, she's a sell-out and there's no honor in her.

Evil spirits cohabitate with her, this reality-TV girl and vulgar entertainer. They lie down and rise up with her. Mercy flees her and salvation stand afar off from her madness.

What? Did you think you could snub your nose at the Most High without consequence?

The next time you're in trouble, call on your money. Bow down before your bank account or your handlers. Let them save you.

As for me and my house, we will reverence and serve YAH.



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