Monday, March 12, 2018

Answering The Call From Strange Voices and Calling It 'GOD'

"Wagon Preacher" by Alix Beajour
"Wagon Preacher" by Alix Beajour
Compassion for the masses of the poor and oppressed is often replaced with greed and or overzealous foolishness. A preacher's journey begins innocently enough, I guess. But where it ends up is the scary part. At least in your state of oppression, you know your enemy. You know what he's up to, which gives you the incentive to plan a survival strategy for you and your family.

With these no-account, bipolar preachers, the road gets rockier and the ride bumpier. You don't know if it's safer to hold on or jump from the vehicle altogether. Most of us jump from the vehicle only to become stuck in the place where we landed. At the root of it all is a man or woman answering the call from strange voices and calling it 'GOD'.

It amazes me that nobody sees it. Preachers boast about all this 'power' from on high. In many cases, they label themselves as 'the reverend doctor bishop overseer prophet' of the sure-to-be-damned brood of hypocritical despots. And while boasting in these false religious scenarios, the very community where the church stands is in total disarray. The people are poor and needy, living conditions are below poverty level, esteem levels are crushed, crime, violence and death have overtaken whatever grace of god the bullshit preacher claims. A few resisters leave after figuring out that whatever he claims it's for the filling of his own pockets. The rest stay, continue to be robbed while their kids go hungry and raggedy --hoping for a blessing to fall from the sky. So much for all the transforming power.
You have to admit. The irony is rich. I mean who has the guts to live in rebellion, commit acts of lying, homosexuality, fornication, adultery, robbery, purgery, sodomy, incest, fraud, blasphemy and even murder ---and claim 'GOD', who hates all these actions, CALLED THEM TO DO IT?

It's ballsy. That's for sure. So much so that you can't help but expect an opposite and equally ballsy reaction from the Most High as He comes to correct the record, gather His lost sheep and redeem His reputation.

It feels good, huh? Going against the grain. Having hundreds sometimes thousands of followers at your disposal. And all of them emptying their pockets, each one trying to pay the highest amount for a blessing that you're not authorized to sell.

There's a price to pay

The rush you get from wielding absolute power over the helpless. Widows and orphans, young and old, male and female, frail and stout. Empty windbags calling themselves preachers see only 'tithes and offerings'.

They think ahead to the next pastor's appreciation celebration where hundreds of thousands of dollars are sucked out of the coffers of the poor and needy and placed at their dirty feet. On this day they're paraded before the people like kings. To hell with the lot of 'em.

How much does rebellion cost its flaunter? What is the ultimate price? Death is too easy. No. There is something worse than death that happens to the rebellious. They slowly diminish before your very eyes. And total rearranging of thoughts and perception shift regarding them and change how they're remembered. I always go back to Eddie Long. Not to gloat over his demise, but to use him as an example.

No matter what good things he contributed to society, no one remembers them. Those several years of steady and noticeable decline are the only things the world remembers about Long. They're the only stories that will be told. How he was accused of seducing and sodomizing young men. That's what marks his time on earth.

He never apologized or offered any sign of humility or repentance. Just stiffnecked defiance and self-righteousness. A quiet settlement was made with each accuser. And Long refused to do the one thing that would have saved his legacy. He never took ownership of or 'confessed' his sin.

Instead, he dug in and tried to continue business as usual  --behaving as if he was entitled to live the way he wanted with no consequences. The illusion of money and power puffs you up into believing you're invincible. The Most High then 'turns you over to your strong delusions'.

This is what Satan does. He deceives. He kills, steals and destroys. But he can only do that when we reject and rebel against the Most High.

Going once. Going twice. SOLD! --to the satanic force in the dark corner of the room. Congrats. You're the owner of another rebellious soul.


Strange voices. They're everywhere we turn.  ---Just remember. YOU decide what voice you listen to. And only YOU have to pay the price when you choose wicked voices over the righteous ones.
But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters, and all liars --their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.  ~Revelation 21:8
Be mindful of the voices that have your attention. They'll subtly lead you into doing that which makes you eligible for the second death. --but not before you are thoroughly humiliated and brought to nothing before you leave this life. You will die in torment and indignation. -then you will experience the second death.

Dumb dogs beware.


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