Friday, February 9, 2018

Uncomfortable, Controversial, Downright Raw At Times

Women Talking in the Beauty Shop | Black Art Depot
"Women in the Beauty Shop" | Black Art Depot

What you find here can and will be uncomfortable, controversial, and downright raw at times. No need to worry though...

I will never be intentionally cruel or vindictive toward anyone. However, this blog is not for the "touchy-feely". It's not for those with "itching ears" who want to hear "smooth" words. You have to get that on Sunday's when you go hear reverend 'Smooth Daddy' feed you a bunch of lies and bullshit from the pulpit.

If you want duplicitous nonsense that tries to cater to everybody but winds up saying nothing--feel free to leave now.

On the other hand, if you plan on being a regular, put on your grown-up panties or briefs, whatever covers your fanny, and buckle up.

Truth is sometimes a bumpy ride. Hang on. The destination makes it worth it.

The good part is, you're not a robot. You have an opinion. I welcome it. Good, bad or neutral. Dialogue keeps life and learning interesting and beneficial. We've been blind, deaf and dumb robots long enough. Agreed?

Each of us has a light of experience and personal truth that can illuminate the path for someone else's journey. No one person knows it all. But collectively, we can soar above ignorance and complacency.

Share your input or angle on any topic of discussion here. Just keep it civil.

Unless you're an idiot who trolls the Internet looking for an opportunity to be disruptive, you can be yourself here.

Lastly, this blog is my way of debunking and healing from the lies that plagued and pulled on my life in the form of "tradition". That said, I will not entertain the bullshit that comes with today's community of fools.

I just got free of my own junk that I've been carrying around for most of my life. This WILL NOT be a dumping ground for your 'junk' i.e. mean-spiritedness. So consider yourself warned.

Examine yourself. Be yourself. Check yourself. Free yourself.

If you haven't read the commenting rules, do so before you comment. It'll save time and trouble for everyone.

Lastly, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to stay for dinner. Each meal is served with "truth serum".


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