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True Women of God Don't Run Around Looking For a "Word"

Painting courtesy of Urban Renaissance
Courtesy of Urban Renaissance
I don't know the experiences of women from other cultures and races. I can only speak my truth. "True Women of God Don't Run Around Looking For a Word" is a confession from that reality.

Having said that, if you're of another ethnicity and this applies to you, it only proves that we share more in common than we are separated by differences.

Here we go.

When you seclude yourself to find the peace of 'seeking', your life's energy (called Spirit) changes, and the aura of the Divine is seen upon you. YAH makes Himself available to you in ways you don't even realize.

You didn't ask YAH for a husband, a car, a better job or a house. Your heart's desire was and is to get to know your Him - and know him for real.

"Who is He? How can I find Him? I wanna know His name and be close to Him". When you yearn for Him, He acquiesces and allows Himself to be found by you.

Other people can see that there's something special about you. I believe the devil in them recognizes the Majesty in you. They want it -by any means necessary. They don't necessarily 'want it' because they have the same love for YAH as you. The devil wants your Divine aura, the anointing because his mission is to "kill, steal and destroy".

So what do they do? They use the centuries-old trick called 'flattery'. It works every time on the unaware.

The Formula

These energy-suckers begin calling you a 'woman of God'. And they spread the word to other people hailing 'how great you are' and 'how well you can pray'. They hope you're vain enough to fall for it. Most people do. -which explains all the empty suits and dresses in the pulpit.

Before long, people start calling you to ask for prayer and spiritual advice. Sister Ruby, the fortune teller uptown got her start that way. Believe it or not, the attention that comes with flattery entraps many great men and women. And you're no exception.

Being in communion with YAH cultivates your ability to discern motives and agendas in others. You can resist the darkness hiding behind the smile and the pat on the back. Standing firm and resisting the smooth words of flattery strengthens your connection to YAH, the Heavenly Father.  

The Word-Seekers

There's always one overly spiritual bible-quoting sustah who claims to be a 'saved, sanctified and tongue-talking' so-called Christian. But she's always looking for a 'word' from YAH. That puzzles me. -cause I'm thinking, "If you're that spiritual and saved, why can't you go to Him and get your own word?"

You can recognize these silly sustah's by their 'messiness'. For instance, they read Isaiah or Jeremiah and all of a sudden they're a 'prophetess'. They go around "prophesying" to different ones, telling them what "thus saith the LORD". They join churches just long enough to alienate people with false prophecies. Then, they leave and go repeat the same foolishness someplace else. In many cases, they start their own storefront, makeshift church and manage to gather a few pitiful followers.

Then, they call you (the cleansed and refilled 'true' daughter of YAH) to tell you about their 'supernatural' exploits, and make a point of saying how the other person 'rejected what the LORD was saying'.

I'm saying to myself, "No. They're rejecting your foolish behind." -and as if that wasn't enough, they show you what scripture in Jeremiah or Isaiah they delivered, and want you to agree with them that they were right in saying what they said to the person.

Honey, go sit down and gather yourself!


Word-seeking women are some of the dreaming-est people you'll ever meet.  Every time you talk to them they've had a dream. -that they want you to interpret. And they're quite skilled at telling you what the phony dream entailed.

Meanwhile, they're still running around looking for a 'word'. They have itching ears so not just any word will do. No. A lying, unfulfilled word-seeking woman will search until she find's a familiar spirit to tell her what she wants to hear. ("Seek and ye shall find" -whatever you're looking for) 

This woman, the busy-body female always boasting about being 'saved, sanctified and filled with the holy ghost', grows sillier by the day. But in her mind, she's a 'woman of gawd'.

Basic Scenario

At the core of her (the word-seeking woman's) self-perceived insufficiency is unresolved issues -probably from childhood. 

  1. She's no doubt from a large brood of siblings. Her father was likely a philandering alcoholic verbal abuser who was never home long enough to establish a foundation of respect. 
  2. She could perhaps be the last child of ten. And by the time she was born, her mother was burn-out from handling the other nine, alongside an alcoholic and abusive 'rolling stone' of a husband. 
  3. The mother, being emotionally and physically spent, yelled and probably cussed a lot at her house full of unruly kids, who suffered from a lack-of-love-and-attention complex.
  4. It was clear that the mother wanted everybody out of the house, including the father so as soon as they were old enough, the kids left home -lacking and unfulfilled.


The only sure 'fix' for unresolved issues is a 'cleansing'. -a thorough emptying-out process which can take days, if not weeks, months or longer, depending on the severity of each case. 

'Emptying out' is what therapy sessions are about. But I have pause when considering telling all my painful intimacies to another human. 

Telling another person that you felt unloved as a child or that your father molested you IS NOT something you wanna do when struggling to heal.

People have big mouths and no ethics.

All that doctor-client privilege crap goes out the window. -and if the therapist is a woman, O my God. To them, your childhood trauma is nothing more than a juicy piece of gossip.

You tell these personal truths AFTER you heal or have healed enough that you can handle the gossip backlash. -share these privacies with others in crisis only to help them get through the same darkness.

Emptying Out

My emptying out process was done alone. That's right. In the privacy of my aloneness, I was free to tell it like it was, I could lay sprawled out on the floor and sob as uncontrollably as I needed to. Fall asleep from the exhaustion, wake up and begin again. You don't realize how much of a load you're carrying until you start unloading it.

Key components of emptying out are: confessing every wrong you can think of that you felt was done to you, the wrong you did to others, asking for forgiveness and forgiving yourself.

The length of time it takes to cleanse depends on whether you have to plan your alone time around personal responsibilities i.e. job, family, etc. Once you start, each session leaves you so refreshed, you don't wanna stop until you're free.

The catch is: you have to fill that empty space within you with new strength, courage, and self-love, all of which comes from YAH. The newness of life.

If you don't, you'll be filled with all kinds of other abominations that will leave you worse off than you were in the beginning. Cleaned, empty spaces need filling with new and beautiful things. Otherwise, old, rank and dusty things will clutter it.

As for the demonically-influenced, word-seeking woman who poses as a true believer, leave her in her stupor. Some folks belong to the devil.

Don't waste time communicating or socializing with her. Either you're influencing her or she's influencing you. It should be obvious that she's not persuaded. So that leaves you.



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