Monday, February 26, 2018

My Black is More Than Beautiful, It's Omnipotent

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Black Beauty Image credit: Unknown

Though you say I evolved from monkeys, you want me to straighten my hair, lighten my skin and narrow my nose so we can look as much alike as possible, without you having to do anything extra. --except maybe lying out to darken under my sun.

You knew it all along. My black is more than beautiful, it's omnipotent.

Like the oppressive Pharoah of old, you insist that I wear your makeup, eat your poisonous delicacies and worship your idol gods.

You've even set yourself up as one, giving me a fake portrait of a man called 'Jesus', who looks of pale, pinkish ivory like you, but He's somehow my Saviour?

Ha! that's the same name as the slave ship that dragged my rebellious and unsuspecting fathers to these shores.

My God is YAH! My Saviour is Yahshua Ha Mashiah! And He looks like me.

I respect your right to be as strange as you look and to behave as cruelly as you will. Cruelty and thievery is your nature, or so your historians recorded. So leave me be in return.

You had me going for a while. But that while is over.

You messed around and pushed and pushed until I had no choice but to keep looking for my real Father. I knew when I found Him, He would set things right.

All that you didn't do to me before my reunion can be recorded as lost opportunities. --or maybe my Father was observing your moves against me all along.

Hatred burning in your evil eye against the authenticity of your beginning. Why? What did I ever do to you? Remember. You came and got me. --against my will at that.

It was my brother who sold me. But it was you who bought me. How you treated me afterward was proof that you hated me because 'my black is more than beautiful, it omnipotent.'

Do I want revenge?

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Will I attempt it? No. It's not a battle I choose. Besides. My Father said, "Be still. I got this."

Behold! How good and pleasant it is for Father and daughter to reunite! He mirrors the beauty of my youth, my creation, my birth. I was never an orphan.

YAH is indeed the One, True and Living God.


From my writings, 'Feel My Pulse'.


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