Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Mama, You Betta Go See About Your Daughter

Art @jeremyworst | Jeremy Worst
Art @jeremyworst | Jeremy Worst

Miss Mary, I thought you should know that your daughter, Kim is in trouble. I called you 'mama' cause you been like a mama to me since mine been gone. I hope you don't mind.

Anyway, she said ever since you remarried, her step daddy been driving a wedge between you and her, saying she was 'spoiled' and need to grow up. --always asking you when she was gone move out.

He didn't tell you, Miss Mary, that he really didn't care about whether Kim was spoiled or not. Truth be told, he just didn't want her around. But since she was gone be around, he made it worth his while.

I promised Kim I wouldn't tell you. But I can't bear to see her like this no mo'. So I said I was gone tell you to go see about your daughter. I won't have her blood on my hands.

I didn't think much of it when she cut her long, pretty hair into that funky style. It was the 'in' thing. Everybody was doing it.

Now that I think about it, destroying her glory, her long beautiful hair that she promised her daddy on his deathbed that she would never do --cutting her hair was extreme. Something was behind it. Now, I know what it was.

She said she hated herself after it happened. She felt alone. Miss Mary, she feels you were so wrapped up in him that you wouldn't believe her. Or if you would even care.

I begged her to tell you, Miss Mary. I guess she didn't. Or she wouldn't have run away.

She wouldn't be wearing street-walking clothes. I know she wouldn't. My grandmother was always talking to us about what made young girls beautiful.

She was always saying to us, "Ain't nothing pretty about going naked."

That's why me and Kim was always sewing outfits, Nubian Queen outfits with matching head wraps that nobody else had. We started our own style. And it was catchin' on.

Then, he had to go and rape her one night when you had to work a double shift at the hospital. She ain't been the same since. Didn't you notice?

Now her breasts hanging out like a two-dollar stripper. You can see her butt cheeks. And she wears these eight-inch-high stilettos with everything.

I'm telling you now, Miss Mary so you can get to her before she reaches a point that's hard to come back from.

They say she bought a fifth of whiskey down at Pop's Cantina and took it back to that grungy hotel on 12th Street. It was a few minutes ago.

Hurry, Miss Mary. Get to her. Put your arms around her and reaffirm your love. Don't look at her hair or her clothes. Don't scold her. Just hold her.

And when you get her back home, call me.

Just so you know, I'm comin' with my daddy and two uncles. And we gone sit around and watch 'em whup the living shit outta that no-good, child-molesting husband of yours. Excuse my language.

24 Hours Later

Kim, I'm glad you came home. I hope you ain't mad that I told your mama everything. I had to. I was worried.

"I was mad at first. But after she took my side, I was glad you told her."

I told you she would believe you. But that man did such a job on you that you were just confused.

"I know. I love you, sis."

I love you too Kimmie.

The judge refused to penalize my daddy and my uncles for beating Wallace half to death. Miss Mary went into the courtroom smoking like the fierce ball of fire she can be when there's trash that needs burnin'.

She asked the judge for leniency for my daddy and two uncles.

She said, "They did him a favor. He got off easy, your honor. I was ready to empty my pistol into his filthy chest. They talked me out of it."

They whupped him so bad that he begged them to call the cops so he could confess everything.


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