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Lucifer Embodies False Pride Found in Many So-Called Christians

Unfinished painting of Lucifer by J. Dillon
"Unfinished Painting of Lucifer" by J. Dillon

It's hard to imagine the earthly menace we know as Satan, was once known as the beautiful Lucifer, YAH's favorite among His angelic host.

In the painting above, J. Dillon captures the rare essence of one's imagination in presenting an idea of that angelic beauty, poise, and strength that only YAH, the Almighty Creator could create.

Don't act so outraged because the title says, "Lucifer Embodies False Pride Found in Many So-Called Christians." He does. In fact, false pride is all about power and prestige. And there is no power and prestige other than that belonging to YAH. All other powers that we claim to possess piggy-backs off His source.

Imagine for a moment the image in the above painting as being Lucifer, high-ranking and beloved of YAH.

Now, think about Lucifer being unsatisfied even in his state of beauty and glory, to the point that he planned a rebellion against his Creator because he wanted it all -the power and the glory forever. Amen.

Mind-blowing isn't it?

Lucifer's motivation

He had witnessed the ultimate power of Omnipotence up close. -being privy to YAHs most magnificent exploits. For Lucifer, being in high regard by the Most High wasn't enough. He wanted the throne and all the reverence, power and prestige that came with it. So he orchestrated a coup. -as if he could de-throne the Creator of all life.

Nevertheless, Lucifer coveted the Father's position and was willing to war against Him to get it. Yes. I said "the Father". What? Do you think Lucifer was adopted? No! YAH created him, the same as He created you and me. Get over yourself.

But I digress.

Moving on.

Lucifer was so blinded by covetousness and false pride that he couldn't see that the ultimate Seat of Power, Glory, and Honor would never transfer into his possession. As a result, he (Lucifer) and the angels who rebelled with him were thrown out of YAH's heavenly kingdom forever.

Fast Forward

Let's look at the 'fallen' Lucifer, who is now called Satan, a name that better suits his dark and evil nature. Do you think the righteous Cherubim wondered why YAH would give His 'open enemy' a time to rule over the earthly kingdom? No. They knew the splendor of YAH's wisdom and understood that everything He does is above scrutiny.

It was the ultimate power move, actually. What better way to teach this lesson than to give Satan an earthly kingdom to rule over for a time, -the kingdom where those 'created a little lower than the angels' dwell. He will not be able to dominate, deceive, and destroy all of earth's inhabitants. After failure, he will finally understand the reality of his limited power and be ushered to his doom. 

Satan is forced to see that causing strife and divisions among the ranks does not increase power. Being able to influence others and compel them to do evil doesn't require power, only cunning skill. 

Compare Lucifer's Attitude to Today's So-Called Christian

I say 'so-called' Christian because this observation doesn't apply to all who call themselves righteous. -just like Lucifer's rebellion didn't include all of the angelic hosts. But look at the correlation between Lucifer's attitude and that of today's so-called Christian. It's astounding.

False pride among so-called Christians carry the same underlying negatives.

Someone in the church covets the seat of authority and begins to rebel against the sitting pastor. To reinforce their position, they begin a 'whisper' campaign to sow seeds of discord and gain support among others in the church. 

When he or she feels they have enough support, they openly challenge and denounce the authority figure. If it turns out that the rebellion doesn' have the majority, he or she takes their supporters, leaves the church and starts an opposition church. 

As a result of this foolery, we have a church on every block amid the worst condition of the communities that house them. This was Lucifer's attitude. And it's also the attitude of so-called Christians today.

False Pride

False pride is motivated by envy and covetousness of power. You want the position, power, and prestige that belong to another. Notice the phrase 'belong to another'

What makes false pride, envy, and covetousness so dangerous and hated by YAH is the dark root of wanting what belongs to someone else and being willing to commit any cruel act of malice to get it. -even if it means murder.

Unfortunately, this abomination is found in every church of every persuasion. 

Disagree with me if you will. But don't fool yourself by your own unbelief. Ray Charles can see the wisdom of truth in this comparison. Plus, I've sat in some of these congregations and witnessed it for myself. I don't need an 'amen'.

False pride is about power and the prestige that naturally accompanies it. Men and women, who are really Satanists, literally give their souls in exchange for it. 

On a larger scale than the satanic church, all you have to do is look at Hollywood, the entertainment industry. 

The sex-crazed, drug-induced, human-sacrificing, pedophilia-infested conglomerate of glitter lures both young and old to eternal damnation with an empty promise of lasting life, fame and riches.

Satan tried to sway Jesus with the same promise, remember? 

There's literally 'nothing new under the sun'. Make sure you're on the 'right' side of things when it all goes down.


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