Sunday, February 18, 2018

Don't Have Kids You Won't Take Proper Care Of

Fine Art America | Painting by Bob Salo
Fine Art America | Painting by Bob Salo

Little girl, wayward woman, don't have kids you won't take proper care of!

What the hell are you thinking? You're barely seventeen. You haven't begun to understand your life or 'why' you're here on the planet.

For heaven's sake. You're still sleeping on 'Hello Kitty' sheets. Yet, you're too sexually active for your own good. -and you're not married. So I'll ask again. What the hell are you thinking? Or are you thinking at all?

The subject of childbearing has become viciously controversial under political juggling. I'm not political. Nor am I party affiliated. From what I see of politics, it's too much.

This party against that party. This lobby and that lobby. Money changing hands over, under, and all around the table. Sigh. Enough to give you nerve spasms. Politics is a game I watch from the stands. -hardly ever.

Having said that, in today's culture of 'anything-goes-so-have-your-fun', having a baby is like having to wear an ankle monitoring device. It's a restraint on freedoms you're accustomed to. You're forever thinking of ways to break free from it.


Yes. I'm talking to you, young lady. It begins with you saying "yes" to unprotected, ill-advised sex. You have the power in this instance. Heck. Do you even know if you have a venereal disease? Do you know if the other party has one?

In all fairness to our youth culture, the millennials, your over-sexualized disposition is not entirely your fault. 

Sex, drugs, rebellion, and violence are force-fed into your subconsciousness through every cartoon, movie, video game, satanic music lyrics, and music videos. Even commercials have negative subliminal suggestions. The truth is you were born into an unfriendly world.

In many cases, parents are in a hypnotized stupor of their own. Having been brainwashed into a daze of 'if-it-feels-good-do-it', these parents leave their kids to fend for themselves. It's called 'child neglect', people.

Most of the time, you (parents) never stop partying. Guiding your children onto the right path of life is not a priority for you. You leave your small children with anybody as long as you can hang out and do God knows what. -while the pedophile you left your kids with is doing God knows what to them.

Do you see the pattern of generational dysfunction? 

God forbid if the kid needs your attention. You're probably known to go on a cussing stint that would make a sailor blush. It's a sad and pathetic painting of family life, but a true picture. To put it plainly, you sacrifice your kids in exchange for empty pleasures. 

We live in an unruly and evil-leaning society in which toddlers and teenagers are prime targets for being kidnapped into sex trafficking rings, kidnapped for satanic rituals, kidnapped to be raped and murdered. Or just kidnapped and held for deviant convenience.

I'll say it again. Don't have kids you won't take proper care of.

It's a divine shame that you, me or whoever would just discard respect and reverence for the Creator for giving us the most wonderful of miracles known to creation.

Almighty YAH allows us to partake of His creation process by helping to bring life into existence. And what do we do with that life? We treat it like an old shoe. We toss it out or push it so far back into the closet that it gets lost among the so-called up-to-date trendy ones.

And guess what.

As karma would have it, the child that you bring into the world and willfully neglect will toss your old butt into a nursing home facility so fast you won't remember the trip. And that's IF the child lives long enough to become an adult. Either way, your (the parents) fate is sealed.

STOP this madness. If you don't want kids, don't have them. That's better than having kids and tossing them like a piece of meat to a pack of wolves.

The only way to not have kids is: don't have sex in or out of wedlock. 

Aside from the gift of sexual pleasure that we abuse, it's also the means by which we are told to 'be fruitful and multiply'. 

Unless you're barren, this means if you have sex, a child is likely to be conceived during one of those acts. It was ordained 'in the beginning'.
Don't attack the messenger. 

You know how we like to find fault with the messenger when we don't like message. Anything to reject the light and keep stumbling around in the darkness.

Maps are only there to show you the way to your terminus. It's up to you to pack up and go. 

My hands are clean. They might get dirty tomorrow, though I pray not. But right now, they're clean.  What's being said here needs to be said. I don't apologize.

I didn't write the laws that govern life in the universe. Our job is to obey them. Period.

Just know this: children are born pure, clean, empty vessels. The Most High YAH expects us to fill them with love, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of Him -that He might keep them safely away from Satan's grasp. 

With that as a guideline, it's clear we don't give a damn about our children.

Even the illiterate among us understand that as a society, we've done the opposite of what's divinely required to properly take care of our kids.


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