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Black History Facts, Unconventionally Speaking

Painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat
Painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Before we get into the "Black History Facts" below, I want to reiterate what I alluded to in the "Welcome" post.

I don't mince words. I don't tiptoe into or around the main thought. You can hear me coming. No shade. No animus. No hidden agenda. Just my truth, my way.

In case you haven't noticed, the world we live in is malfunctioning in ass-backward mode. Confusion and spiritual darkness cover the earth. Death treks rampantly across the globe. -and does not discriminate. 

If there's a light that can add some clarity that points in the right direction, the path away from untimely death and destruction, we need it.

So, who has time to tap dance around the truth? Fake preachers, false prophets, and lying politics are already doing that.

Now. On to the topic.

Side note: Jean-Michel Basquiat, an admitted drug-user with a challenging personality, was just twenty-eight when he died in 1988. This painting of his is expected to sell for around twenty million dollars, according to the Huffington Post.

It is whispered in certain circles that Basquiat did not die of a heroin overdose on his own accord. He had traveled to Hawaii to get free of the drug. He returned to New York, confessing his freedom from the addiction.

Similar to other questionable deaths (Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc.) Basquiat was found dead of a supposed heroin overdose shortly after returning to New York.

*These same whispers claim his death to be a blood sacrifice for certain high-profile figures within his circle of so-called friends. 

Moving on.

Black History Fact #1

No matter how much you contribute to your community or the larger space, you will not be recognized for it until after your lifeless flesh becomes maggot food.

The exception to this rule depends on whether you're willing to sign some type of contract that guarantees you wealth and riches in exchange for your literal soul.

Other than that, extraordinary individuals, -in this case, black people are not recognized for their genius until after death. In many cases, family members do not receive royalties from the work.

The Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globe, BET Awards etc. don't count. These events are what Hollywood execs use to pit its entertainers against each other.

All of them compete for and covet the same recognition, wanting national compensation for their publicized, sex-crazed, drug-induced and otherwise miserable, self-imposed sunken life.

Blacks stoop to being pacified with a trophy. -or should I say "hope of a trophy"? And sadly, women pay the highest price. Being passed around like a left-over meat tray.

Halle Berry got an Oscar only after having literal animalistic sex onscreen with Billie Bob Thornton. Anybody being treated for Herpes?

Black History Fact #2

Black folk, trapped inside this Babylonian system, have forgotten their history. Consider this:

History for the Black man and woman, the Negro, the African American, the Nigger, the Nigga, the so-called Animal, the Menace to Society and the Savage in these strange Babylonian lands -is timeless.
My history dictates that you can call me what you will. I ain't mad. I'm such a master, a chip off the block of YAH, that I can be all or any one of those things, if and when I want or need to be. Or maybe I'll just be 'that' to show you that I can.
The rest of creation is no match for me. -even when I'm being other than myself. In my weakest state, I'm stronger than the best you have to offer. I AM history.
The detriment is: I've forgotten who I am. --Rahab Jordan

Black History Fact #3

It doesn't say much about the person who is given a month out of twelve to consider or appreciate their history. But Blacks, Negros, African-Americans, Bozos, and whatnot are as happy as can be. Skinning and grinning like a pet monkey.

Mobilizing Martin Luther King motorcades (to flaunt their false commemoration), holding Black History events (which are a mockery in themselves) and boring the hell out of black children,  giving them the same list of names to honor that you gave them this time last year.

All of it begs the question: Who gives a shit?

Some of us are students of Creation, seeking our rightful place in the scheme of all things timeless. Some of us know that we ARE history. And without us, there would be no story to tell.

Some of us say: Take your foolish celebration(s) and wipe your asses with it.

Some of us say: How about some of you big-wig Negros dedicate your energies to building the character and self-esteem of your village of wayward children? -and stop looking to your Babylonian government for things you can do for yourself. 

Oops! I forgot. You sold your communities, families, and children for a place in the spotlight. For empty prestige and money that ain't backed by shit. 

My bad.

I'll start drafting my next post. You probably need time to digest this one.



John-Michel Basquait
Dec. 22, 1960 - Aug. 12, 1988
Here are links to more on Basquiat:
Jean-Michel Basquiat is rumored to
have been in a romantic relationship
with Madonna a.k.a. Satan's spawn.
And good friends with Andy Warhol
among other elites.

"Sometimes we become our own prey
and other vultures just pick our bones."

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