Sunday, February 25, 2018

Before I Go, Color Me Abstract and Paint My Experience

Painting by Jade Bryant
Painting by Jade Bryant

Before I go, color me abstract and paint my experience.

I've been instructed to get ready to go. But first, I want to gloat, to indulge in my authenticity. I was deprived of that privilege for centuries with the intent of erasing all recollection. Well, whaddya know? It's all there. Crystal clear.

Against the brown canvas of my original skin, a landscape stretching far and wide, that I'm both exotic and natural to earth puzzles all who gaze upon me.

Look. Take a good look, get an eye full. See how you and your ill-intentioned fathers toiled to make me hate who I am. By the way, who am I?

You know who I am. Oh yeah. I know you do. YAH established me with the earth. You're the trespasser that He allowed to bully a path across the land.

It explains why you rewrote my history to demoralize me into thinking the ape is my beginning. And my originality, my form, the brown canvas of my skin, my air of wistfulness, my characteristics of awe, of greatness, and of creativity never existed. O how you failed!

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. And that, my eternal foe, will never change.

Thank you, YAH, O great and merciful King! 

Full lips, broad nose, strong forehead and piercing eyes adorn the image you see when you stand in awe of my effortless beauty. It is beauty, isn't it? And not something unattractive and primitive like you told me?

Why are you so preoccupied with me that you lie to my face about the otherwise obvious? This is a question I must ask.

I don't see you having the guts to tell me the truth to my face. Why? Because behind the bluster, the dominance and cruelty, you're a coward.

Cowards are liars. You were a liar from the beginning, the father of lies. --and when your destruction is finished, you will have perished a liar.

HalleluYah! Your tyranny is ended.

Though it distresses you, all things emerged from the darkness of my womb. I too had my beginning in darkness. Hence the brown canvas of my original skin. It reflects my earth connection and ownership; the planet is my inheritance, not yours. 

You keep denying the truth that you are trespassing.

Your energy spent on murderous attempts to whiten me out of existence yielded no results for you. How long has it been? Over four hundred years? And how much longer still? YAH said, "Not long."

In fact, I've been instructed to get ready to go. I have other of my grounds to cover. 

I want to leave this portrait of my essence with you, a keepsake, a memoir, a memo that says, 'It is not possible to eradicate the original.'

I'm a brown canvas of ever expanding proportions. Here. Take the brush and stroke me some more.

Before I go, color me abstract and paint my experience.

From my writings, 'Feel My Pulse'.


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