Monday, February 12, 2018

Black Women Helped Destroy the Church

Image Retrieved from Church Women Clipart
Retrieved from Church Women Cliparts

Smartly dressed, clothes crisply pressed. Nails and hair done on Saturday. Shoes, purse, hat, and gloves to boot. No doubt, in their minds, they'll be the sharpest knife in the drawer come Sunday morning. And these are the elder women.

Yes. They look beautiful. Like something out of the Christian Weekly Magazine. But looks are often deceiving. If outside appearance was the only requirement, we'd all be vindicated.

But the outer appearance is a vain attempt to portray someone other than who's actually present. Strip away the makeup, the weave and all the extra trappings, look into the eyes and lay bare the soul.

The soul is what's at stake. Physical appearances fade with age. YAH sustains Beauty and youthfulness for those who practice righteousness.

These women in question are far from being in right standing with the Creator.

There's nothing wrong with caring about personal appearance. There is, however, a lot wrong with being so preoccupied with 'looks' that you become a joke to the hosts of heaven.

We're all guilty on some level and at some point in life -hopefully, you've found balance between necessity and obsession.


Women in the African American church outnumber the men, in some cases, seven to one. Men often leave the church because they know a 'playa' when they see one. They're men. They know the 'game' the same way women know the character of other certain kinds of women.

Most of the men in church are either gay or beaten down by female castigation. No shade. This is true. Don't act like you don't know.

The pastor just sits and licks his lips, as he anticipates which loose woman he'll bed down next. A fox with full access to chickens in an unguarded henhouse. 

The younger women wear provocative clothing: short, tight, low-cut dresses that show cleavage as well as other sexually arousing characteristics. Witchcraft. Nothing but witchcraft. -and most of them don't realize they're practicing it.

Here is when the elder women would typically step in and say: "Where are you going with that on? March yourself right back home and put on something suitable for the Lord's house!"

But they don't do that. Heck. Some of the mothers of the church have blurred the lines of holiness.

The elder women are as twisted as the young ones. They're all lost. Blind and foolish. Committing every sort of abomination. They call upon the LORD in vain. And their life rots away from within. Alas! It didn't use to be that way.

Think I'm being too harsh against these women--not all women, but "these" women? Take a look at this video taken during an apparent choir performance. Look at the director in the yellow 'whore' suit.

After watching this thirteen-second slap in the Heavenly Father's face, do you still think my assessment is too harsh?

Since when do we find the boldness to wear a skin-tight whore suit and combine that with vulgar twerking in the church??? Totally mind-blowing. Utterly disgusting. 

If she were grabbed while on her way to her car, taken somewhere and raped, the rapist would feel fully justified. In his mind, he would feel "invited".

The African American or black church is dead. And the black woman is as complicit in its murder as the false prophets that poison the flock.

There. I said it.

Like it or not, you know it's true. If you come at me, come right.

Ain't nobody mad but the devil.



  1. Why is it the black woman is blamed for destroying the church?

    1. The title says the black woman "helped" destroy the church.

      This observation comes on the heels of behavior such as the "twerking" being done in the church by the choir director who is wearing a tight body suit.

      If this offends you, perhaps truth isn't for you. Stevie Wonder can see that black women have turned the church into a pseudo strip club.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. The proof is in the video above.

  3. you right. it ain't hardly no men in the church except for these big churches like T.D. Jakes church. But like the ones where I live, it's mostly females. And the preacher done been wit mostly all of em. But that video say it all. Can't nobody argue wit dat

    1. They might not have been having Sunday service. It might have been some kind of program on a week day or something.

  4. And who would they be "serving"?

  5. It don't matter what day it is. God deserves the utmost respect. That should never happen in church.


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