Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Thin Line Between 'Admiration' and 'Idolatry'

Image Unknown | Text by 'Hard to Swallow'
Image Unknown | Text by 'Hard to Swallow'

For me, the subject of 'idolatry' is broad and complex. If it wasn't something divinely addressed in scripture, I'm sure I wouldn't give any thought to it at all.

Because 'idolatry' is written as being frowned upon and gravely punished by the Almighty, I decided I needed to be blameless.

I was able to fit it into proper context by applying a simple rule: Love the LORD (YAH) with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my might. Or in layman's terms, I love, admire or crave after nothing or no one more than I crave for YAH. -a virtue perfected over time.

There's no secret formula for this. I've learned that as long as you have a genuine desire for YAH, He will aid you in that passion.

Idolatry is more of a detriment to your wellbeing when there's no genuine desire for the Most High. 

As crazy as it sounds, I can't tell you what 'genuine desire' for Him is. It's an unseen reality. What I can tell you with certainty is: if you ask Him to help you and you tell Him that you want a genuine desire for Him and that you don't know how it works, He will help you.

It's much like falling in love. You don't actually know how to do it. It just happens perhaps because you want it to. Once it happens, you do everything you can to keep the relationship alive and thriving.


The entertainment industry is the biggest lure of idolatrous living today. Hollywood offers the illusion of one big illustrious party. For a price, you get the jewels, the cars, the mansions, the wardrobe, and temporary prestige. That price is your soul, your essence, and peace of mind.

What you consider to be your favorite band, comedian, singer, rapper, reality TV star or mentor can easily evolve from admiration to idolatry without you being cognizant of it. There's a thin line between admiration and idolatry.

Thirty years ago, digital satellite access wasn't a dominating trend. Today, idolatry is a dominant evil because society has access to more things to idolize. A culture hypnotized fascination.

You're able to watch your favorite television show, your favorite rapper, or whatever it is, even while you're on the go. At the mall, the restaurant, a baseball game, in church. You can take your American Idol with you wherever you go.

Whatever is constantly on your mind is the thing or person you idolize (obsess over). Only you can determine whether you have an obsession or merely a passing interest or admiration.

I used to base my week's importance on the TV show I obsessed over. I ignored the wonder and possibility of the remaining six days -being in blind obedience to one. On the day of my idol worship, I made sure to get everything done on a strict schedule. Otherwise, it didn't get done because I had to watch my show. Clearly, I was obsessing in a bad way. Sound familiar?

Thankfully, I'm no longer a slave to a concept, a person, an object or an idea. Halleluyah!

Media and Demonic Influence

There's nothing more pathetic than a fifty-year-old man with his hat turned sideways and his jeans hanging off his butt. The same is true for a grandmother who wears tights and a mid-drift shirt above a bulging waistline and a lumpy ass. Ridiculous.

Chances are, they watch a lot of raunchy TV and listen to music with wicked lyrics. The content gets into the essence of their character (who they are) and they begin to behave in accordance. This is demonic possession. Don't cringe. This is the reality. Whatever you see and hear on a regular basis is your greatest influence. 

No woman in her right mind would leave the house wearing some of the stuff you see women in. It's demonic possession. -or you're possessed by the idea that wearing exploitative clothing at age fifty-five and sixty is fine. And you feel that way because you're bombarded with it on television and in movies. -and you're captivated by the images you see. You have to remember that these Hollywood puppets are being paid to lead you astray.

I'm sixty-one. So I don't see fifty-five or sixty as being old. -it's a question of wisdom or stupidity.

At that age, you're old enough to know better. When your age does not reflect wisdom, especially as a grandparent, then -you're behaving under demonic influence.
Who and what you worship, idolize or obsess over is evident in your presentation, your physical appearance. You will imitate the object of your fascination and you will see nothing wrong with it. Idolatry blinds you to your own reality. 

Young people need images at home in their families and communities to admire and emulate. Rap videos and movie stars are works of demonic fiction that are designed to deceive the young. And you're helping to do that. STOP IT.

It's our duty to guide young people and explain to them that they are to worship the One true and living God, YAH.

But they don't see a distinction between their parents, grandparents, and the images they see in the movies and on rap videos. In their mind's eye, raunchy and violent is the way to go.

Don't be deceived. 

There's a thin line between admiration and idolatry. Both can lead to demonic possession.


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